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Clean & Balanced Snack Pouch

FITAID on-the-go clean healthy snack
Hitting the gym at 6 am and don’t want to scarf down a big breakfast before hand? Always on the go and have a tough time getting a clean, balanced nutrition?

FITAID Fuel is the superior food pouch for busy people just like you. It is made with the highest quality paleo-friendly ingredients you’ve come to expect from LifeAID. Whether in the gym, on a hike or headed to work, FITAID Fuel has THE perfect blend of balanced macros: 12 grams of Grass Fed Whey Protein, 17 grams of Quality Organic Carbs, 2 grams of BCAAs, and 600 mg of Omega 3 EFAs your body demands – all without any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Enjoy with an ice cold can of FITAID for complete recovery.

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